Ose Micro Solutions, Inc.; a consulting company specializing in electronic registry systems for secured transactions and other transaction domains  .  Ose Micro Solutions, Inc. has designed and developed systems based on the Uniform Commercial Code and Business Registration laws for state and international governments and has been involved in the public records registry industries since 1989.   As a technology consulting company, we focus on building solutions to help address the technology needs for service companies, clients and government entities as it relates to the public domain information and registration laws.

Ose Micro Solutions, Inc. has extensive knowledge of filing and searching requirements  for both Secured Transactions and Business Registration in the USA , Canada and foreign countries.  We are actively involved in IACA (International Association of Commercial Administrators) and other organizations that drive the public information industry. In the past we have served on the Technical Subcommittee and Technical Adviser to the User Subcommittee for the Article 9 rewrite;  architected  the current IACA approved Secured Transaction XML and Business Entity XML filing standard being used by a number of jurisdictions for electronic filing of Secured Transaction  and Business Entity filings.  You can see more of our achievements on the projects page.

Ose Micro Solutions, Inc. not only provided custom applications and consulting but also has a number of applications to assist in the public records registry process for both jurisdictions and users of such registry systems.