Ose Micro Solutions is a consulting company that specializes in the development of applications for the web that enhances the client’s capabilities to use the web as a business channel.

Web applications differ from web sites in that the primary function of a web site is to provide a presence on the web and primarily involves static or informational pages.  A web application goes to the next level and provides functionality to the web site.  The web application are centered on communication (social sites, blogs), selling product (e-commerce, web store front) or data processing such as registries and business interfaces.  Ose Micro Solutions specializes in the later, providing consulting services for public registries and the e-commerce of business to business transactions.

For over 25 years we have provided our customers the best solutions and we accomplish this by utilizing proven project design and management methodologies that encompass the following areas:

We take pride in our expertise and knowledge of the design and development industries, and use it to educate and guide you, our client, on current industry trends and best practices. We seamlessly blend traditional design with functional development to create either 100% custom applications or utilize existing applications we developed to provide our clients the best solutions for their needs.

No client is too big or too small. We treat each client with the same care, integrity and attention to detail delivering the highest quality product possible.

Our workflow methodology is customized for each individual client, based on needs. With your goals in mind, we approach every project with the following steps: