We start every project by identifying the needs and goals for the application.  Once the base requirements are established we will define the technologies and tools needed for the development and deployment of the application.

During this process data and application needs are defined and evaluated to see what the scope will be for the application.  At this point a determination is also made as to how the application will be implemented, either as a stand-alone application or possibly a SaaS application (software as a service).  Hardware and software requirements will be defined and the initial steps of client integration will begin.

At this point a project plan and scope definition will also be developed so that everyone understands their role in the project and deliverables.

The following are just some of the deliverables that will be part of the project.  The type and complexity of the deliverables will depend on the complexity of the applications.

  • Project plan
  • Project timeline
  • Scope document defining high level features and capabilities
  • Application framework recommendations
  • Hardware and software needs

Scope sign-off is obtained

Discovery  – Design – Development – Deployment – Post-Deployment