Ose Micro Solutions established in 1980 as a sole proprietor and started off by providing hardware and training to its clients.  The company then expanded to start development of application for medical office automation and custom software projects.

In 1990 Ose Micro Solutions started its foray into the secured transaction business by developing their first registry interface for a small service provider. Many years later we decided that this was an area that we would concentrate our efforts in.

In 1995 Ose Micro Solutions started development on a custom software application to control the workflow and compressor needs for soft drink bottling plants.   This application is used in many Coca-Cola bottling plants throughout the USA.

Ose Micro Solutions  incorporated in 2001 and at that point started consulting to some service companies in the public records area.  This was primarily focused on secured transactions and business registries.

After developing a number of XML standards for the public records industry, Ose Micro Solutions started working with a number of states to implement and automate the secured transaction registries.  The work then evolved into the business registries and in some cases voter registration.

In the mid 2000 Ose Micro Solutions also moved into developing web applications for other industries and client bases.

In 2008 Ose Micro Solutions changed direction again to include international work by developing the secured transaction system for Honduras.  This added another aspect to the work Ose Micro Solutions did in the USA and Canada.

To date Ose Micro Solutions has expanded its global presence for public records registries to include countries in Africa, South and Central America and well as the Asian market.